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East Fullerton Little League News

Fall Ball Registration

By EFLL 07/19/2016, 7:00pm PDT

There are two more weeks left to register for Fall Ball.   The program is open to boys and girls planning on playing at the Single-A level or higher for the 2017 regular little league season (7-yrs-old as of 08-31-17). This program runs 10 weeks from early September thru November without any conflicts with youth soccer.

Remember, games are conducted on an informal basis during Fall Ball.  No official scoring, statistics or standings are kept.  There is usually only one practice held per week; usually on Fridays. EFLL will play inter-league games with other leagues in the EFLL area on Sundays.

Fall Ball Link


EFLL FIREWORK stand officially open for Business!!!

By 07/01/2016, 12:00pm PDT

Come on out and support our wonderful league.

Gail Monestere and her team of volunteers has worked tirelessly to make sure our stand was ready for business as of 12pm today 

This is the first year that EFLL has the opportunity to raise funds by selling fireworks. Those funds will go directly to maintaining our fields and equipment for the upcoming season.  The success of the sales depends on our volunteers.

We could still use volunteers to staff the fireworks stand!! Please contact firework stand extraordinaire, Gail Monestere for details, 714-986-4030.

Purchase Your Fireworks at the COLLEGE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER
Corner of State College Blvd. & Chapman Ave.
(In Front of Big Lots)
Open July 1st - July 4th


By 06/30/2016, 4:15pm PDT

Congrats to our East Fullerton All Star Players!

11 - 12 All Star Team: Cade Bailor, Joshua Blume, Josiah Darden, Daniel Everest, Johnny Flores, Justin Hernandez, Arturo Jose "AJ" Hernandez, Nathaniel Hernandez, Luke Jamison, Kieran Klingsberg, Ryan Maturo, Alec Ochoa, Aaron Samaco and Julian Walicki.

9 - 10 All Star Team:  Cade Thomas, Max Klopfer, Adrian Gonzalez, David Callaghan, Samuel DeVries, Fischer Huss, Ryan Breslin, Henry Pillon, William Rowley, Damon (DJ) Garcia, Cole Bailor, Zach Harding and Vincent Rael.

Every year, before the season begins and before teams are drafted, the president appoints one manager and one coach for each EFLL team.  The previous years coach evaluations guide this process.  With help from you, decisions can be made to continually improve our league.

Please take a minute to make this a better league by filling out the online survey below.  I promise it won't take you more than 5 minutes.  Survey submissions are anonymous and all information collected remains confidential amongst the board.  Results remain in the boards hands and are not shared with managers or coaches.  Please feel free to complete a separate survey for each manager and coach.

Manager/Coach Evaluations:

Again this year, we'd like you to evaluate our league.  Please take an extra minute to fill out an evaluation by clicking the link below.  Let us know what worked and what didn't

League Evaluation:


Fence Day - Saturday June 11th - Chapman Park

By EFLL 06/09/2016, 9:45pm PDT

Fence day is this Saturday at Chapman Park starting at 9 am.  Come help us take the fences down.  The more people we have out there, the faster it will come down.

A Royals East/West City Tournament Champions 2016

Congratulations to the A Royals on their big win last night!!

Juniors TOC Champions

Congrats to the Juniors Angels team for winning their division and taking the title of Champions! 

Jacob Quintero, Carlos Cervantes, Jerry Becerra, Sebastian Vargas, Roman Lopez, Luke Duxbury, Maverick Clements, Elijah Espinoza,
Jeremy Imbriano, Jonathan Mejorado, Evan Acosta, Nicolas Stokman
Manager Ricky Quintero, Coach Doug Duxbury,
Coach Bob Clements, Team Mom Angie Clements


11 - 12 All Star Team

9 - 10 All Star Team

Updates on Approved Bats

Check this link for updates on approved bats for the 2016 Season.

Bat List


Approved Little League Equipment

Please, before spending money on equipment, make sure it's Little League approved. For more information on what equipment has been approved by Little League Baseball, visit the following link:

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