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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can my player play baseball with East Fullerton Little League?

Players who live or go to school in our boundaries may play with EFLL. You can check your address here: League Finder

Players outside of our boundaries can request a waiver to play with EFLL if a hardship exists. For more information on waivers, please contact

Q: What age players are eligible to play?

East Fullerton Little League has baseball programs for players ages 4 thru 15. A players "league age" is determined by Little League's Age Chart. Please note that some players league age may be different from their actual age. Check the Age Chart to determine your players league age before registering.

Q: How long is the Little League season?

A: Typically, practices begin in February and games run March through late May (one-week break for Easter). Upper divisions continue with post-season tournaments and All-Star games into late June and early July. (Please, refer to the calendar on the website for more information.)

Q: What is included with the League fees?

A: The registration fees pay for the players' uniform, pictures, umpires and year-end trophy.

Q: Why does each team need to raise $300 in Sponsorships?  

A: The registration fees alone do not cover all of the expenses to operate the league. It also allows businesses in our community to support EFLL.

Q: How many games/practices can we expect?

A: A 16-20 game regular season with at LEAST one practice per week.  There will be two games per week in all divisions.

Q: When will games/practices be held?

A: Practices will generally be held on either a Monday/Wednesday or a Tuesday/Thursday. Once games begin, teams will have one weekday game and one Saturday game each week. Due to volunteer schedules, field availability, and the complexity of scheduling teams, we cannot guarantee practice times on certain days of the week for players with other commitments.

Practices begin in February when it gets dark very early. Practices will be held as early as the managers are available (usually around 4:00/4:30). We understand this may be difficult for some families. Once the time changes and we have longer daylight hours, managers generally push practices back to later starting times.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?

A: At the very least, a good glove. Rubber-molded spikes/cleats would also be a sound investment. Please check the Little League website for bat regulations.

Q: Where are the games and practices?

A: Practices are held at various fields in East Fullerton. Most games will be played in Fullerton, with occasional games in nearby city for interleague play. Check our FIELDS tab for more information.

Consider this...

1) Be sure your player is at practice and games ON TIME. Baseball is a team sport and the team depends on everybody to be working together within the scheduled times.

2) If you're dropping your player off for a practice or a game, please be sure to pick up your player ON TIME (coaches are not babysitters).

3) Let the coaches do the coaching. If you want to coach, volunteer.

4) Be supportive at games. If you have nothing positive to say about the team, players, coaches, or umpires, keep it to yourself.

5) Offer to help out. Help set up the fields, help with the equipment, help keeping score, help cleaning up the field. The coaches put in more time at one game than most parents during the whole season.

6) Fields: All of the work done on the fields are done by volunteers, and they need help. There is no "Field Fairy" that magically does the fields. This includes dragging the infields, mowing the grass and upkeep of the dugouts and fences. The City does not maintain the fields, we do. Feel free to contact Steve Reger to lend your services to him and Chapman Park.

7) Again this year, all local Little Leagues are required to conduct background checks on Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. More information on this phase in the Little League Child Protection Program can be found here.