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Board Positions: Roles and Responsibilities

July 23,  2021

Dear East Fullerton Families,

EFLL's Board of Directors has begun preparing for next year's season. We want to look at this past season's successes and challenges to learn and grow as a Board and as a league.

Our first priority is to build a strong Board. Athletic programs in high schools, colleges, professional sports and even in Little League are not fully successful without strong leadership. We understand this, which is why building a strong Board is our top priority.  A strong Board isn't built by a handful of Board Members; it's built with many Board Members and volunteers that share a common goal. Our goal as East Fullerton Little League is for all our players and their families to create memories that will last a lifetime through the experience of Little League baseball.  We need moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, uncles and aunts, and anyone else who is willing to helps us achieve that goal for our players and families.

We now have listed on our website below.  Take a moment to read them over. There are board positions for all different skills and time commitments, so if you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to myself or any other Board Member.

We will be soliciting nominations for new Board Members in August, followed by an election in September.

Thank You!


Rudy Vejar
EFLL Vice-President

Roles and Responsibilities


Responsible for all correspondence with Little League Headquarters, arrangements for liability and accident insurance, attendance at monthly District 56 meetings and selection of managers. Should be available to all parents and volunteers to help resolve any issues. Work with all officers and committees to ensure timely execution of tasks. Lead and provide vision to the Board of Directors.



Performs the President's duties in his absence. Coordinates opening day ceremony and closing day activities. Works with the City of Fullerton to obtain field Permits.



Responsible for player notifications and registration.  Controls the tryouts and the draft. Maintains team rosters and coordinates the movement of players to new teams. Recommends Divisional Commissioners to BOD. Provides copies of Player’s medical release forms to each Manager.



Responsible for receiving donations, co-signs all checks with the President, maintains bank accounts, handles all league monies, keeps records of all transactions, prepares yearly reports on the Income and expenses of the league, and prepares and files all tax returns and reports.



Responsible for keeping BOD minutes, maintaining the BOD meeting agendas and sourcing each BOD member for their topics. Maintain and publish BOD roster with phone numbers. Responsible for creating registration flyers. Coordinate flyer distribution to schools (including PYLUSD schools in our boundaries).



Oversees managers and coaches at every level maintaining volunteer application forms for all coaches and responsible for distributing any and all Little League rules and Local Rules. Liaison between managers/coaches and the Board of Directors. Works with the League President to recruit and appoint managers and coaches.



Performs background checks through for Board members, managers, coaches and any volunteers working with players Prepares EFLL’s annual A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) manual and submits it to LL HQ. Saves us 20% on Insurance. Distributes ASAP to League stakeholders, managers and coaches.  Assist with safety portion at “Coaches Meeting(s)”.  Responsible for policing the Fields for any unsafe conditions. They can be in the form of "broken equipment" to unsafe fields.  Provides background check dates and signature for all-star coaches (currently on paper application as requested by District).



Chapman Park Snack Bar – Day to day operations of the Chapman Park Snack Bar. Fullerton Sports Complex – Day to day operations of the Fullerton Sports Complex. Coordinates Snack Bar at Chapman Park, Schedules workers for snack bar, buys and stocks snack bar.



Performs a complete inventory of all equipment by November 1st of each year, prepares an initial equipment acquisition list and budget and submits it to the BOD for approval. Selects the best source for buying the equipment, places all orders, distributes all equipment to each team, coordinates replacements during the year. Collect and store all equipment at the end of the year. Distributes & collects all All-Star equipment.



Responsible for website maintenance and electronic data transfer to and from LL HQ. Works with Registration Chairmen for on-line registration needs. Responsible for coordinating all communications between the BOD and the members of the League.



Prepares the order of Jerseys, Pants, Hats (Adult & Youth), & socks. Selects the best source for buying the uniforms. Orders EFLL spirit wear and make available for purchase at special league events.



Plans the field day crew activities and buys any needed tools and equipment. Works with the City of Fullerton to coordinate watering & general maintenance. Arranges for any needed brick dust, quick dry and sod. Ensures fields have bases, line makers with paint, and drags.



Prepares application form, works with managers and parents to acquire sponsors. Acquires sponsorship banners for appropriate sponsorship levels. Maintains records of all sponsorships collected. Arrange for Sponsor plaques. Coordinate reimbursement for teams that collect more than required minimum.



Responsible for the recruiting, training, and scheduling of umpires during the baseball seasons.



Responsible for coordination of team parents. Communicates important info from the League to team parents. Responsible for planning, and holding Team Parent Meetings prior to the beginning of the season.



Responsible for publishing any information on our annual Angel Day. The person will work with District 56 representative. It is their responsibility to order the appropriate number of tickets and collect ALL money. Should also provide a recap at the end of the event.



Coordinate all Opening Day and Closing Day Activities



Responsible for distribution of all candy (or coordinating other fundraiser if not candy sales and collection of all monies.)



Coordinates Picture day, Procures Photographer, sets up schedules, distributes photos to team parents.



Coordinates trophy acquisition, distributes trophies, reports to board.



Mastermind of Yearbook, oversees photos, and acquires information for yearbook, works closely with publisher.



Coordinates details of Titan Day.



Input scores and pitch counts on the website.